Arcadia Shipping Pte Ltd Keeps Your Ships Tradable. At All Times.

Our experienced Technical personnel ensure that your vessels are always maintained to globally acceptable benchmarks. This makes it very easy for you to meet compliance requirements as per the statutory maritime conventions. Proper technical maintenance make certain the tradability and flexibility for your vessel is improved and you can easily employed it in any part of the world.

Our technical management services comprise two components:




The quality and safety of operations is of paramount importance to us. We have a robust Safety Management System (SMS) system in place that complies with internationally established benchmarks.

  • Our safety standards adhere to the International Safety Management (ISM) code
  • Our environmental management system meets the requirements specified in ISO 14001
  • Our crew management standards for Indonesian flagged vessels are aligned to the stipulations under the Maritime Labor Convention (MLC) instituted by the International Labor Organization (ILO). We do this voluntarily even though Indonesia is not a signatory to the MLC Convention

It is our goal to ensure that commercially viable vessels are maintained and operated to international standards. We have a robust management system in place to maintain vessels to the highest standards to bolster their competitiveness globally. At the same time, we seek to improve the effectiveness of the system continually, while also staying up-to-date on compliance issues as new legislation is introduced and enforced.


Monitoring and maintaining hardware infrastructure aboard a vessel is a key operational priority. After all, well-maintained vessels minimize or eliminate downtime and boost operational hours.

We aim to achieve zero off-hire and raise operational hours, which contributes positively to the bottom line.  Some hardware components need oversight to fix issues promptly. To ensure proactive management and quick resolution, we employ the WinSDS system, a computerized Excel-based maintenance system covering all aspects of hardware/machinery onboard the vessel, from the engine to navigation to cargo systems.

We are also leveraging WinSDS’s extended functionality to multiply efficiencies in the areas of procurement and quality management. 

The system streamlines the flow of service requests or store requisitions from the vessel to the office, from the office to the approved vendors right until the confirmation of the purchase after service has been rendered and invoices are dispatched and paid.  We have other programs incorporated in our system to monitor payments and invoicing thereby helping ensure responsive and timely payments. The system records the entire transaction and workflows, assisting with bookkeeping and auditing functions.


We Aim For Quality Through Excellence


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