Your Professional Vessel Management Crew


Human capital is a critical asset for reliable, smooth and safe marine operations. We leverage our experience coordinating and settling marine crew to ensure that best practices are followed onboard as well as offshore.

We provide end-to-end crew management services, from selecting qualified candidates and contract signing formalities and orientation for new crew members, to training sessions and planned repatriation back to their home country.

We are interested in offering long-term employment opportunities and building sustained relationships that retain staff loyalty and provide professional development opportunities that empower them to move up the ranks and grow with the company.

We have a comprehensive and thoughtfully-designed training program that prepares crew members for a confident entry into their roles and motivates them to excel.


Our experienced Technical personnel ensure that your vessels are always maintained to globally acceptable benchmarks. This makes it very easy for you to meet compliance requirements as per the statutory maritime conventions. Proper technical maintenance make certain the tradability and flexibility for your vessel is improved and you can easily employed it in any part of the world.

Our technical management services comprise two components:




Vessel logistics and operations must occur like clockwork, consistently meeting established performance standards and service schedules. This can be a tightrope walk as vessels cannot be expected to be constant workhorses.

They have to be bunkered at seaports for refueling, serviced to fix glitches and perform repairs, and need some breathing time during a crew change. All these activities are necessary, yet they must be minimally disruptive to the vessel’s regular operations. The quality and safety of operations is of paramount importance to us. We have a robust Safety Management System (SMS) system in place that complies with internationally established benchmarks.

We manage all aspects of logistics and operations management to optimise vessel performance and thereby increase owners returns. 


We are operative in all the main maritime sectors with a particular focus on Indonesia. Indonesia is the world’s tenth largest economy, and after weathering the global slowdown, it has returned to pre-crisis levels. The nascent local market is ripe for investment: reform efforts and a liberalised foreign investment regime have enhanced investor confidence over the years. The country’s vast and young population, cost-effective labour, and abundant natural resources have attracted a steady stream of foreign investors to its shores.


We Keep Your Ships Profitably Employed


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