Arcadia Shiping Pte Ltd Keeps Your Ships Tradable. At All Times.

Vessel logistics and operations must occur like clockwork, consistently meeting established performance standards and service schedules. This can be a tightrope walk as vessels cannot be expected to be constant workhorses.

They have to be bunkered at seaports for refueling, serviced to fix glitches and perform repairs, and need some breathing time during a crew change. All these activities are necessary, yet they must be minimally disruptive to the vessel’s regular operations. The quality and safety of operations is of paramount importance to us. We have a robust Safety Management System (SMS) system in place that complies with internationally established benchmarks.

We manage all aspects of logistics and operations management to optimise vessel performance and thereby increase owners returns.

  • Due attention is paid to bunker efficiency so that the vessel’s fuel consumption rate falls within the acceptable/agreed parameters about speed, cargo pumping rate, and load conditioning.
  • Strict monitoring of port efficiency to maintain port turnaround time within established parameters.
  • Oversight on cargo efficiency to verify that cargo is stowed, transported, conditioned and heated as per charterers’ requirements while maintaining the full security of freight and avoiding its loss en route.


We Optimise Your Ship Performance


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