Technical and Commercial Ship Management Under One Roof

Commerical management of vessels is a sum of many parts. Arcadia Shipping Pte Ltd handles every aspect proficiently to maximize business value. 

Commercial Management

We are operative in all the main maritime sectors with a particular focus on Indonesia. Indonesia is the world’s tenth largest economy, and after weathering the global slowdown, it has returned to pre-crisis levels. The nascent local market is ripe for investment: reform efforts and a liberalised foreign investment regime have enhanced investor confidence over the years. The country’s vast and young population, cost-effective labour, and abundant natural resources have attracted a steady stream of foreign investors to its shores.

However, foreign investors still need to partner with a local representative to do business in the country. Here’s where our services come in. We can assist you in finding employment for your vessels. By keeping your ship or fleet in long-term employment, you can hedge your outlook and train your focus on your core business.

With us as your partners, you stand to benefit from economical solutions delivered by able individuals with extensive industry experience. Our clients appreciate our unwavering focus on quality, safety, and environment protection.  


We Keep Your Ships Profitably Employed


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