Indonesia – A boom time for the shipping business

ASL | May 2017

Jokowi’s cherished vision

Indonesia’s maritime supremacy has always been close to the heart of President Jokowi. He had voiced his ambition to transform Indonesia into a “global maritime axis.” Acting on his election manifesto after he assumed power, President Jokowi unveiled ambitious, multi-pronged plans to develop the country’s marine sector. It is his vision to transform Indonesia into a maritime power in the Indo-Pacific region.

An international hub for sea trade

From a nautical standpoint, Indonesia occupies a commanding position. It is the world’s largest archipelago; it has the second longest coastline; it stands strategically at the crossroads of two continents and two oceans; 45% of the world’s total ocean freight by volume funnels through Indonesia’s waters (the Malacca Strait and Indonesian archipelagic sea lanes (ALKI).

This fact file clearly brings out Indonesia’s maritime industry potential. It is a hub for international sea trade, attracting vessels of all types and sizes.

Momentum in the oil & gas shipping market

Indonesia’s oil and natural gas sectors continue to be an important part of the country’s economy.

As the domestic oil and gas industry grows and matures, various activities in the upstream oil and gas sector such as drilling, exploration, exploitation require good facilities and infrastructure for production and logistics purposes, including vessels such as oil tankers, gas tankers, FSO and FPSO.

President Jokowi’s maritime aspirations, together with positive projections in the economy, hold out bright prospects for the oil and gas tanker industry.

Navigating smoothly with local knowledge

The ship chartering business is thus poised to grow. However, to make it smooth sailing, vessel owners would need a capable, reliable consultant having in-depth knowledge of the local market.

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