Technical and Commercial Ship Management Under One Roof


ABOUT Arcadia

Established in May 2015, Arcadia Shipping Pte Ltd is a young and dynamic company providing a suite of top-of-the-line vessel management solutions. Broadly, our services can be categorized into technical management and commercial management. They are responsive to the challenges being faced by shipowners in the face of economic instability and an increasingly competitive business landscape.


Owners need to invest much energy and time to maintain their vessels to internationally acceptable standards and ensure that they are in compliance with statutory maritime conventions. Here’s where our technical management knowledge and experience can be invaluable. We manage the day to day operations of vessels, ensuring the tradability and flexibility of the vessel in any part of the world.

Effective third-party technical management benefits you in the following ways:


  • No, or minimal downtime/off-hire time for your vessel
  • Better control over vessel expenses to prevent budget spillover
  • An environment for safe operations
  • Maintain operational suitability and acceptability of the ship by trading partners


Commercial management of vessels is a sum of many parts. Arcadia Shipping Pte Ltd handles every aspect proficiently to maximize business value.

Ship Management

A key responsibility is to ensure that vessels are acceptable to clients, who are mostly charterers and oil majors including big names such as ExxonMobil, Shell, and ConocoPhillips.

Before vessels can be chartered or called at terminals, they must be deemed suitable through physical or document reviews. Arcadia Shipping Pte Ltd facilitates both types of reports on your behalf.

We are completely invested in the profitability and success of your organization. Our strategic actions are aimed at securing the best possible rate at the most beneficial terms for you. We represent your company in good light, interact with charterers to resolve claims and work with your best interests in mind.

What our customers say

We are happy with the management services provided by Arcadia Shipping Pte Ltd. Right from carrying out routine inspections to planning and carrying out dockings their team manages to stay within schedule and budget. Attention owners concerns and constraints is appreciated as much as the individual attention accorded to me as an owner. They will definitely be the managers for my next vessel.”

Sumartono Seng | Owner, PT Pelayaran Sakti Erawan

Real seafarers managing  vessels, developing technical solutions in response to issues faced on our older vessels. Cost effective and innovative solutions to problems. The team is a winning combination, recommended choice for ship managers. ”

Kevin Marsing | Director, PT, PATRIA NUSASEGARA


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